Kents Bank Station has a history dating back to 1857 when the Ulverstone and Lancaster Railway opened. The railway replaced the perilous ‘over sands’ crossing from Kents Bank which costs the lives of hundreds of travellers over the centuries.

Kents Bank Station

The first station was a very modest affair and actually closed for a short time in the early 1860s due to lack of custom. However, it re-opened shortly afterwards and its new owners, The Furness Railway Co., built the fine stationmaster’s house (designed byPaley and Austin) which survives to this day and is the base for the library. The single storey extension, which houses part of the Station House, a Waiting Room and the Beach Hut Gallery, was added in 1890.

The station in the 1950s

During its heyday the station had a station master and several other members of staff. The last station master, Dennis Phillips, remained in post until 1967, with staff from Cark continuing to issue tickets until 1971 when the station became unstaffed. Dennis’s wife Enid remained as Level Crossing Keeper until 1991. The Station House was later sold into private ownership. The former Gents toilet became The Beach Hut Gallery in 2004.